Why is Europe Choosing Disposable Nitrile Gloves?

Disposabel Nitrile Glove

Disposable rubber gloves for the controlled environments and the cleanroom have traditionally been manufactured from latex rubber. Historically this has been a practical choice on account of the material providing excellent value as well as a high level of protection and comfort.

However, the growing trend in recent years throughout the pharmaceutical and electronics industries in Europe is to turn away from latex in favour of using disposable nitrile gloves instead.

Why is this?

Nitrile, in short, is a more resilient material than latex rubber. It is three times more puncture resistant than latex; it can withstand far greater extremes of temperature; and it has a much higher resistance to a range of substances, including oils, acids and various chemicals.
This all makes nitrile gloves enormously versatile for cleanroom activities, whether they require the handling of chemicals, foods, biohazards and/or the use of sharp implements.

Disposabel Nitrile Glove

Disposable Blue Nitrile Glove

There are still more benefits to nitrile, though. Where previous generations of the material were reported to be lacking in comfort and flexibility, that is no longer the case; modern nitrile gloves have ergonomic, ambidextrous designs that allow for high levels of dexterity and prolonged usage. Such brands as Ansell are popular choices of Nitrile Glove.

One further consideration for the choice of disposable gloves, though, is the possibility of an allergic reaction to their use. For a significant proportion of workers, this is a very real issue that can cause physical harm and even reports of severe emotional stress.
Powder free gloves are also the preferred choice within a controlled environment such as a cleanroom.

At Cleanroom Supplies, though, all of our nitrile and latex rubber gloves are powder free, available in Blue or Purple. Nitrile powder free gloves ensure very low allergenicity, great protection and quality.

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