Cleanroom Contamination – Some Unexpected Sources

cleanroom contamination

Cleanroom Contamination – Some Unexpected Sources

Keeping your cleanroom sterile and free from contamination involves limiting the sub-micron particles by controlling environmental conditions. To do this effectively, you’ll need to be aware of some unexpected sources of cleanroom contamination.


  1. Processing equipment and tools. All equipment that is brought into the cleanroom must be examined properly and cleaned thoroughly. There are specialised cleaning methods that are used for difficult access surfaces. Before bringing anything inside, it is important to assess all equipment.
  2. Paper, pencils and retractable pens. Writing utensils and other supplies that are not cleanroom safe are considered contaminants.
  3. Labels and tape. Many labels are made from paper with adhesives. These tapes tend to leave residues behind. When using labels and tape, you will want to purchase pre-approved cleanroom products.
  4. Cleaning products. Regular household or industrial cleaning supplies are not acceptable for cleanrooms. You need to use non-particulating wipes and mops. You can purchase cleanroom-safe cleaning products from us.
  5. People are said to make up about 80% of where cleanroom contamination comes from. Contamination can be a product of inappropriate cleanroom garments, incorrect gowning protocol, and on-site mishaps.
  6. Raw materials and products. Any products or materials brought into a cleanroom must be cleaned properly. The degree of cleaning depends on the class of cleanroom, the destination of the raw materials and the possibility of cross contamination.


For those who work in cleanrooms, it’s important to understand the kinds of contamination that can enter the cleanroom. Being aware of these unexpected sources can help you to prevent further contamination and help you to prevent contamination in the future.

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