Cleanroom Contamination Control

Contamination control within a cleanroom is critical in protecting the operative from the environment… and also protecting the product from contamination by the operative.

cleanroom contamination control

Essentially, a cleanroom is a controlled environment where products are made and manufactured. In a cleanroom, the airborne particles must be controlled and contained at very specific limits depending on the standards required for the equipment. The only way to stabilize the contamination is simply to have control over the whole environment. Particles can be circulated and pushed around by slight movements in air pressure, temperature, and even humidity. Even a single particle that is just 100 times smaller than a human hair can have a detrimental effect on the entire cleanroom!

Disinfection and contamination control can be complex.

Contamination can come from the facility itself (walls, floors, ceilings, doors). People contribute contaminants by their skin, hair, makeup and even their breathing! Consideration should be given to contamination by tools and fluids, bacteria, chemicals and even from the products themselves (debris, flakes, chips).

So you can see how a cleanroom and its operatives need to be very tightly controlled.

Procedures particularly within aseptic cleanrooms require special consideration.

The selection of the correct cleanroom clothing, sterile disinfectants and even furniture requires experience and in depth knowledge.

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