Cytotoxic Spills Kits – How To Handle Them Safely

Cytotoxic spill kit

Cytotoxic Spills – How To Handle Them


The high-toxicity nature of cytotoxic drugs (also known as antineoplastics) is well known in the healthcare industry, and pharmacies as well as other locations will already be aware of the steps needed for their safe use. Perhaps the single best reference would be to this PDF detailing the Health and Safety Executive’s COSHH Approved Code of Practice, most recently updated in 2013.

However, even with all appropriate steps taken to ensure the safety of those working with cytotoxic substances, it is a fact that human error cannot be avoided completely, and it is also true that if you have a cytotoxic spill in your pharmacy, ward, treatment room or laboratory, it must be dealt with effectively, efficiently, and swiftly.

The Solution

Cleanroom Supplies Ltd have put together a Cytotoxic Spill Kit specifically designed to handle these situations. As soon as possible after a spill has been detected, the kit should be put into action.

As you can see from the embedded video, the kit is simple to use even through disposable coveralls, gloves, masks and overshoes, and is also fast-acting, with a thirty second period needed for the absorbent granules to draw in the spillage and not much longer needed to safely scoop up the granules and secure them for disposal as you would any other clinical waste.

If your workplace routinely handles cytotoxic drugs then we recommend having one or more spill kits on hand and easily accessible at all times so that your team is ready to handle accidents as and when they happen. While they may never need to be used, if the need ever arises it will be urgent.

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