Is It About Time You Invested In A Hygienic Keyboard ?

Hygienic Keyboard

We all understand the issues around ensuring hands and surfaces are clean in order to reduce the spread of contamination. However, have you ever considered a tool that many of us use for many hours per day ? Is your keyboard hygienic ?

The keyboard, just how hygienic is it ?

Consider this video. Don’t have nightmares!

And that is just the contamination you can see!

Consider also what the NCHR has to say about keyboard hygiene !

If you have ever tried to clean your keyboard, you will also understand, it’s not an easy surface to effectively clean or disinfect.

What Options Do I Have For A More Hygienic Keyboards ?

It is very easy for dust and microbes to build up in the small crevices between keys over a period of time. Then there is a very real risk of transfer of dust and microbes and cross contamination, particularly if you share a keyboard with another operator. This can occur by attaching itself to gloves or hands, or by becoming dislodged by air movement.

This issue of microbial build-up in keyboards can however be prevented with some really cool additions to the Cleanroom Supplies hygienic keyboard range.

Manufactured with waterproof technology and smooth, hygienic glass surface. No crevices and simple to wipe down and disinfect. No need for a cable with either Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.

The Cleanroom Supplies Hygienic Glass Keyboard is not only beautifully designed, it makes decontamination so easy – with just a simple wipe down.

Whats more the keyboard is totally resistant to most disinfectants and is waterproof.

hygienic keyboard
Cleanroom Supplies Hygienic Keyboard

Some of the feature include:

  • Tempered Glass + Rugged ABS Case Medical White Three modes (Bluetooth, RF 2.4G, and USB)
  • Haptic or audible feedback option when typing
  • Supports control of 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Very comfortable and light typing keys
  • Plug and play. Easy to install, no drivers needed
  • Can be used with medical gloves and wet fingers
  • With touch pad support Multi-gesture control
  • Dedicated Clean Key stops input while cleaning
  • Compatibility Windows, Android, mac OS system
  • 4000mAh Built-in lithium battery
  • Suitable for all kinds of disinfectants and bactericides

Check out the full details and specification at Cleanroom Supplies website.