Magnahelic Gauge – Are There Alternatives To The Dwyer?

Magnahelic Guage Panel

Magnahelic Gauges – What Are They?

Magnahelic pressure gauges are instruments used to monitor the differential room pressures within a cleanroom. The cascade of pressure from room to room is maintained and monitored to limit inward our outward contamination, depending on the type of procedures or tasks being carried out within the cleanroom.

The Magnahelic pressure gauge is a recognized industry standard for accurate and calibrated measurement of cleanroom and HEPA filter differential pressures.

For years, the standard instrument used throughout much of the cleanroom industry for measuring room differential pressures has been the Dwyer Series 2000 differential pressure gauge.

How Do They Work?

The differential pressure gauge works by using a sensitive diaphragm that responds to the relatively small changes in room air pressure. When pressure is forced on the diaphragm the dial of the magnahelic gauge points to a number representing the amount of pressure.

The Dwyer series 2000 magnahelic differential pressure gauge quickly indicates air or non-corrosive gas pressure either positive, negative (vacuum) or differential. The design resists shock, vibration, over-pressures and is weather proof in IP67.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Magnahelic Differential pressure Gauge

Many customers tell us that they buy Dwyer series 2000 differential gauge because the

brand is known and they trust its reputation, and at Cleanroom Supplies we absolutely understand that.

However, as budgets become ever tighter, why pay extra for something when

Cleanroom Supplies differential pressure gauges offer a high-quality, cost effective alternative to the Dwyer Magnahelic pressure gauge. A quality and cost effective alternative to the Dwyer 2000 range of magnahelic gauges.

How Does It Compare To The Dwyer Gauge?

The Cleanroom Supplies differential pressure gauge is available in different measurement scales and comes complete with standard fixing kit.

Cleanroom Supplies magnahelic pressure gauge has a removable bezel to allow dial customisation. You can customize the bezel to be red, green or even have your logo added.

We can also supply fully fitted out gauge panels complete with labels and tubing.

What About Calibration?

As with the Dwyer gauges, onsite calibration is by simple adjustment of the fascia mounted adjustment screw.

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