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Cleanroom Chair Posture

If you find yourself working long hours in the cleanroom or laboratory, is your cleanroom chair up to the job?

A badly designed cleanroom chair may be putting unwanted strain on your joints and muscles.

Awkward postures for a long period may increase the severity of the strain and present ergonomic risk factors associated with muscular-skeletal disorders (MSDs).

Muscular-skeletal disorders increase the risk of long-term effects. It’s important to correct the situation while you still can. To achieve the proper posture for the work area, lab or cleanroom, take these tips into consideration to avoid physical strains and stresses.

Being aware of the health & safety risk is important in the prevention of MSDs, which can be controlled by observing good practice and by using the correct cleanroom chair or laboratory chair

Cleanroom Chair

Cleanroom Chair

Tips For Avoidance Of MSD’s

Following these general points when carrying out cleanroom or laboratory activities, you will reduce your risk of MSDs.

  • Try alternating between sitting and standing while limiting your movement as much as possible in order to keep airborne particles at a minimum.

  • For your body’s sake, take frequent breaks every 20 minutes.

  • If you can, plan work tasks that involve a variety of movement to avoid static postures. Just remember, when you are moving, keep the movements slow and minimal.

  • Alternate between using your right and left hand. This will help prevent stiffness.

  • Avoid resting wrists or forearms on sharp edges.

  • Select tools that require minimal force when using them to perform tasks to help keep workers from straining while also keeping them in a neutral position.

Tips Specifically for Correct Posture While Seated:

Shoulder and neck should be in a neutral position so that your shoulders are not raised and your neck not bent.

  • Head upright.

  • Wrists in a neutral position.

  • Feet should be flat to the floor and thighs should be parallel to the floor.

  • Arms and elbows close to your sides.

  • Whether you are performing tasks while standing or seated, the work surface and cleanroom/lab chair should be adjusted to work at the appropriate height for proper posture.

Incorporate an adjustable workstation and chair.

The more adjustment you chair has the better as it will allow the seating position to be personalised to your own body and working arrangements.

Allow employees to be involved in the design of the workstation.

Cleanroom Supplies hold a wide range of high specification chairs with options such as:

  • HEPA filtration for Cleanroom Use

  • Laboratory and Medical Chairs

  • Washable

  • Anti-bacterial vinyl

  • Load lock/unlock castors

All chairs are fully ergonomic and adjustable.