Why Choose Cleanroom Supplies?

Cleanroom SuppliesCleanroom Supplies core value is to provide quality. Quality products and quality service. (You can read more about our Core Values here.)

We work extremely hard to optimise our products and services to provide value for money to you, our customer.

As a project design engineer and project manager, working in the cleanroom design and construction industry, our founder was in a unique position to see the spectrum of providers.

From high end, high cost providers to low end, low cost providers where often quality is jeopardised by inferior materials.

Our aim is to achieve the Optimum balance of quality at a sustainable cost.

How are We Doing This?

For many years we have operated an internal quality system that is based upon the principles of ISO 9001. We recognise the value to our customers and to our own business of operating such a quality system.

At the beginning of 2017 we took the step of obtaining UKAS accreditation in compliance with ISO 9001. On 15th June we achieved accreditation.

Michael Hill - Managing Director

  • I am extremely proud of the Team here at Cleanroom Supplies for all their hard work and commitment in this achievement. Well Done everyone! Thank you also to our many, many loyal customers. Without your support we would not be here. The journey continues!

You can view our ISO9001 Certificate: View Certificate

In addition to our commitment to quality, there are 7 more Good Reasons to Use Cleanroom Supplies as your go to provider of quality disposable protective garments,sterile disinfection, contamination control and high quality furniture.

There are other suppliers who each offer some of these services, but we believe that we provide the best combination of service with the highest reliability, quality and at a realistic price point.

Your work is too important to jeopardise with substandard materials, overstretched budgets, and uninformed speculation. We know that a cleanroom or controlled environment cannot afford to underestimate. So, add our expert advice to your own knowledge and make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

We will fully support and we look forward to being of assistance to you. Please Contact Us