Welcome to Cleanroom Supplies.

Cleanroom Supplies is a family owned business, committed to providing YOU with quality products and outstanding service.

In 2005 we founded Cleanroom Supplies in order to compliment the services of Optimum Cleanrooms Limited www.optimum-cleanrooms.com. From small beginnings (a small self store unit) we have grown to now occupy our own 1000 sq metre warehouse in Cumbria. From here we ship daily, all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our managing director is a leading expert in the design and construction of complex clean room and laboratory environments. We therefore understand not only the need to keep you and your staff safe, but also the need to protect your process or product within your critical environment.

You may not be passionate about protective clothing (why would you be), but we are, and that means you can trust Cleanroom Supplies when it comes to quality, service and value for money.

We have developed our own range of Optimum Protection™ Protective Garments, ensuring quality and value for money.

We are proud to say that 98% of our products can be ordered up until 4pm (and later) and be on your desk the next morning. We supply domestic customers right through to providing Supply Chain solutions for the NHS and large multi national companies.

Our Company Values

We take seriously our responsibility as a business to protect not only our customers, but also our supply chain.

These are not just empty words to try and impress potential customers. We are actively engaged in efforts to help our community at a local & national level, and on a worldwide scale.

It is not currently viable to manufacture many of our goods here in the UK and remain competitive. However, that does not absolve us of our responsibility towards our factory workers in other countries. That is why we support and implement the Base Code of The Ethical Trading Initiative, promoting respect for workers' rights around the globe. To view The Code of the initiative, please click on this link : Ethical Trading Code

Using Cleanroom Supplies lets you demonstrate your commitment to promoting respect for all workers, wherever they are in the world.

When it comes to the environment, we take every effort to minimise our impact. Currently at our Cumbria warehouse, we recycle 99% of our waste. We also source our internet server services from a UK based, Carbon Neutral provider. We selected a courier service that provides a carbon neutral service by purchasing certified carbon (CO2) offsets to give you a way to balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of your shipments. This method has supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

Using Cleanroom Supplies lets you demonstrate your commitment to reducing climate impact.

We also believe that giving back is an important role for successful businesses. Read here about Cleanroom Supplies Charity Support.

How We Can Work With You

We hope that the above information gives you a little insight into the type of company you are dealing with.

Whoever you are, whatever Company you represent you can be assured that we will do our utmost to provide what you want, when you want it, at the right price.

We can provide stock holding, standing orders or on site stock management for your company. We are also happy to talk to you if you are a trade distributor interested in re-sale discounts, white label goods, or own branded goods. For further information, please click here.