High Purity (HPW) and Water For Injection (WFI)

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Cleanroom Supplies stocks a range of sterile, high quality and high purity water products. Water for injection (WFI) is 0.2 micron filtered and Gamma irradiated for sterility. Supplied double bagged for cleanroom transfer and is available in trigger spray and 5 Litre format.

Our High Purity Water (WFI Quality) is manufactured in house via double pass, reverse osmosis (RO) production. This is coupled with mixed bed deionisation, UV sterilisation and microfiltration.

Within the cleanroom environment however, there are three types of water as defined by the European Pharmacopeia for use in bio-pharmaceutical facilities:

  • Water for Injection - WFI
  • Purified Water - PW
  • Highly Purified Water - HPW

The European Pharmacopeia sets out the specification for these three standards, and acceptable production methods. In the production of these waters, different processes are acceptable.

Water is tested weekly by an independent test house to confirm that it does comply with European Pharmacopeia (EP) and USP specifications. For more details on Pure Water and WFI, view our Selection of Pure Water for Cleanroom and Laboratory information page.

All stock is available with C of A, C of  I and C of C with full documentation and traceability. We fully understand how critical your processes are. This is why we offer a stock holding and management service so that you can call off these products and be assured NEXT DAY delivery.

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Sterile WFI Quality High Purity Water | 1 or 5 Litres

Sterile WFI Quality High Purity Water | 1 or 5 Litres

Sterile water for injection quality (WFI) High purity, low endotoxin levels. 1 or 5 Litre bottles, individually double bagged for cleanroom transfer use.