Chemical Spill Kits

Cleanroom Supplies have suply a range of chemical spill kits for cytotoxic, chemical and bio-hazard use.

The high-toxicity nature of cytotoxic drugs (also known as antineoplastics) is well known in the healthcare industry, and pharmacies as well as other locations will already be aware of the steps needed for their safe use. Perhaps the single best reference would be to this PDF detailing the Health and Safety Executive’s COSHH Approved Code of Practice.

However, even with all appropriate steps taken to ensure the safety of those working with cytotoxic substances, it is a fact that human error cannot be avoided completely, and it is also true that if you have a cytotoxic spill in your pharmacy, ward, treatment room or laboratory, it must be dealt with effectively, efficiently, and swiftly. We recommend having one or more spill kits on hand and easily accessible at all times so that your team is ready to handle accidents as and when they happen.

In addition to Cytotoxic spill kits, we also stock Bio Hazard and Chemical Spill Kits.Our kits contain everything you need for safe and effective containment, cleaning and disposal.

See our video for use of the Cytotoxic Spill Kit

Cytotoxic Spill Pack - Safe Removal of Cytotoxic Drugs

Cytotoxic Spill Pack - Safe Removal of Cytotoxic Drugs

Single use pack for quick, safe removal of cytotoxic drug spillages. High absorbancy for easy collection and disposal. Click here now to place your order.