Neutral Detergent - Sterile & Non-Sterile

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Cleanroom Supplies offer a range of quality, sterile and non-sterile, cleanroom neutral detergents. Our neutral detergents have highly effective surface cleaning properties with low foaming and low residue properties.

Cleanroom Neutral Detergents - for cleaning prior to Disinfection. Available in Ready to Use ( RTU ) or concentrate.

Crystel EMERALD concentrate is a sterile manual detergent for environmental cleaning of cleanroom walls and floors by mopping or wiping using sterile mop covers or sterile cleanroom wipes. It is safe to use on surfaces found within pharmaceutical cleanrooms and other sterile production areas.

Cleanroom Supplies also stock AGMA sterile neutral detergent in water for injection (WFI) quality water. The sterile detergent is specifically developed for cleanroom use prior to disinfection. With highly effective surface cleaning properties, it is ideal for deep cleaning prior to disinfection, to remove visible soiling or built up residue. Available in a variety of RTU or concentrate delivery methods - to suit you needs and COP.

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Sterile Neutral Cleanroom Surface Detergent in WFI

Sterile Neutral Cleanroom Surface Detergent in WFI

Sterile cleanroom detergent in water for injection quality (WFI) High purity, low endotoxin & residue. Individually double bagged for cleanroom transfer.