Since 2020, Cleanroom Supplies has managed a Recycling Service for our customers. You can be confident that used garments returned to us, will be handed responsibly with full audit trail.

Cleanroom Supplies offer this FREE* service to our customers. We offer this service at no cost benefit to ourselves!

However, it is far more than a recycling service for your disposables. What we offer is a Total Waste Management Service with Social Value. What does that mean ?

We have carefully selected our recycling partner. In addition to the environmental and economic benefits of recycling your PPE, your support will also create tangible social impact through supporting a Charity Program adding Social Value too. This program is changing lives for individuals , families and communities whilst reducing the burden on tax payers. This added social value was a significant factor in selecting our recycling partner. LEARN MORE HERE


Collection Bag for Cleanroom Supplies Recycling Service

Collection Bag for Cleanroom Supplies Recycling Service

PPE collection bag for the Cleanroom Supplies in-house recycling service. Use with Optimum Protection disposable garments. We collect and recycle for you.