Why Choose Cleanroom Supplies?

Cleanroom SuppliesCleanroom Supplies was initially founded in response to a gap in the market.

As someone working in the cleanroom design and construction industry, our founder was in a unique position to see what the various providers out there at the time did and didn’t offer. ( Read more About Us here).

So why should you choose Cleanroom Supplies for your disposable protection, PPE and disinfection products?

7 Good Reasons:

Clear and comprehensive advice, one professional to another - we won’t recommend a product without taking the time to understand your cleanroom and your specifications.

A voice of experience - because you can’t risk trialling something new without knowing it meets your specifications and requirements..

Respect for your needs - our product range consists of the products we know we’d want in cleanrooms of various kinds.

Market expertise at your service - if we don’t stock what you need, we will source it, with our distribution contacts allowing us to short-cut your search.

Respect for your budget - because we understand our catalogue, we can and will find you a cheaper alternative that meets or exceeds your requirements if one exists.

Next day delivery - if your order is with us by 4pm online you may even have it in your hands by 9am the very next working day.

The best rates on UK Delivery - we have negotiated extremely good rates and we do not mark up our carriage costs to our customers - so you benefit from highly discounted rates. In some cases, we even also offer free carriage.

Also - see how we can support you with cleanroom sterile rotational disinfectants.

There are other suppliers who each offer some of these services, but we believe that we provide the best combination service with the highest reliability and at the lowest price point.

Your work is too important to jeopardise with substandard materials, overstretched budgets, and uninformed speculation, and we feel the same about our connection to our customers.

We know that a cleanroom environment cannot afford to underestimate. So, add our expert advice to your own knowledge and make sure you have what you need.

We will fully support and we look forward to being of assistance to you in the near future.