Why Choose Cleanroom Supplies?

With years of experience in the cleanroom industry, where preventing contamination and maintaining strict environmental controls is paramount, Cleanroom Supplies Ltd was founded with a simple goal; to be the kind of supply company for cleanrooms, laboratories, hospitals, etc., that we would have want to work with.

We carefully curate our product list of selected sterile and 0.2 micron filtered disinfectants which satisfy the stringent UK quality requirements and ensure that we always have what you might need in stock, so that next day delivery is an option nationwide – because sometimes it’s not enough to know a new supply is on the way, but circumstances mean you need it fast.

We can provide the following documentation for every order:

  • Certificate of Irradiation
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Full Microbial and Quality Documentation

Our biocides have been carefully selected for high performance, broad spectrum efficacy, and the ability to be used as rotational disinfectants. This selection is complemented by our range of WFI Water, Isopropanol (IPA) and Denatured Ethanol (DE) alcohols, and Neutral Detergents.

Sterile Disinfectant Standards:

  • EN1276 – Bactericidal Activity
  • EN1650 – Fungicidal Activity
  • EN14476 – Virucidal Activity
  • EN13704 – Sporicidal Activity
  • EN 13697 – Surface Test, Bactericidal Activity / Fungicidal Activity

All of our products will are packaged ‘double bagged’ to allow for transfer disinfection. They have a 2-year shelf life and a 3-month In Use Sterility guarantee.

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Find out more about our High Purity Water products.

Find out more about our IPA & DE Alcohol products.

All suppliers are ISO9001 registered and products are fully BPR compliant.

For regular customers, we can arrange an agreed period of time in which we will undertake to stock and reserve stock on your chosen products to ensure continuity of supply.

We also promise to provide our products on a free of charge basis during the time taken to validate new disinfectants for your location’s needs. We understand how much of a financial and time investment this is, and we want to make sure that when it’s necessary you feel able to carry it out.

We will fully support you during this transition with quality documentation and data. We look forward to your call.