November 23, 2023 | Cleanroom Supplies Blogger

Introduction to Chemgene MEDLab

For over a decade, the Byotrol Chemgene products have been relied upon by laboratories, health professionals and other Cleanroom industries to ensure the routine disinfection of equipment and instruments to a high standard. You can view our range of Chemgene disinfectants under the Cleanroom Supplies Non-Sterile Disinfectants category.

However, after a review of the existing formulas and extensive testing, the brand has decided to launch a new range of multi-surface disinfectants to replace and combine the properties of Chemgene Laboratory (HLD4L) and Chemgene Medical (HLD4H). The line of concentrate products was launched in September 2023, and is set to be gradually transitioned from previous Chemgene products in the following months. Ready to use formats are currently undergoing production and are set to be launched in the new year.

New Product Launch – Chemgene MedLab

Introducing Chemgene MedLab – the new disinfectant range produced by leading brand Byotrol, and stocked here at Cleanroom Supplies.The multi-surface disinfectant is suitable for both the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, instruments and equipment within laboratory environments. The unique new formula uses a combination of active substances, resulting in less risk of antimicrobial resistance. Not only does the formula have excellent antimicrobial activity, but it includes added benefits such as:

  • Biodegradable formulation
  • Non-corrosive formulation (in use)
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, aluminium, mild steel, nylon, rubber and acetal.
  • The new range utilises post-consumer recycled packaging.
  • Re-usable 1 litre bottle with EasySpray trigger.
  • Colour coded dilution labels available.

Reasons Behind the Update

  • The brand has transitioned to new technology in preparation for new regulations. (The MedLab range is now compliant with Biocidal Products Regulation BPR in Europe and the UK, as well as Classification of Labelling and Packaging CLP and REACH regulations).
  • The new range includes updated recycled packaging, in line with new environmental goals.
  • New and improved medical testing methods.
  • Branding Update

Products Undergoing the Transition

As it stands, there are several existing products in the Chemgene range that are preparing to be discontinued, and merged into what is now known as the Chemgene MedLab range. See the list below:

Chemgene MedLab Comparison Chart

Other Data

The Chemgene MedLab Range is certified to the following EN standards:

  • EN 13727 (Bactericidal)
  • EN 17387 (Bactericidal)
  • EN 13624 (Yeasticidal, Fungicidal)
  • EN 17387 (Yeasticidal, Fungicidal)
  • EN 16777 (Virucidal – all enveloped viruses)
  • EN 16777 (Adenovirus, Norovirus)
  • EN 14476 (Virucidal – all enveloped viruses)
  • EN 14476 (Adenovirus, Norovirus)
  • EN 13623 (Legionella)
  • EN 13610 (Bacteriophage)