Shoe Covers – Why Are They Important in a Controlled Environment?

Shoe covers fetured image

It’s very important to consider the environment you’ll be working in when deciding on which protective shoe covers to use.


As with most personal protective equipment (PPE), the type of item you select is based on the potential hazards you may encounter throughout your day.


Using PPE provides a physical barrier between micro-organisms and the wearer. It offers protection by helping prevent contamination from or of hands, eyes, hair and any other exposed areas of the body, and from entering or exiting the controlled environment.


shoe covers microporousIf you work in medical, laboratory, cleanroom, chemical or emergency environments, the hazards you may face are likely to be diverse and complicated. So it will in most cases be efficient to have a system for protection and control that has disposable shoe covers available from a dispenser within the clothing area for whenever they are required.


If, however, the floor of the workplace is liable to be covered with water or other non-toxic liquids, such as in a food manufacturing plant, the best non-slip protection will be required, and rubber soles may offer the best solution.anti slip shoe covers


Shoe covers with rubber-bottomed grips are also used for anti-slip purposes. For example, when working in a cleanroom, controlled environment or in emergency services, an overshoe with sole grips is excellent at reducing the risk of falls and injury – as well as reducing causes for contamination.


The shoe covers that you use should be approved of according to your workplace rules and procedures, one of which should be that they are never reused, as this will increase  contamination. Furthermore, it is paramount that they are disposed of properly and in line with a strict process.


The use of disposable shoe covers helps maintain a sterile environment while eliminating the risk of contamination to the cleanroom and the wearer. Here at Cleanroom Supplies Ltd. we offer a range of disposable shoe covers, overshoes and boots to meet the needs of your controlled environment.