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Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls

Disposable Coveralls

An essential product for many industries, Disposable Coveralls have to achieve many things. They have to be made of breathable material, liquid and dust resistant, and they have to be a strong barrier against contaminants.

More than that, they need to be a strong barrier against contaminants in both directions, protecting the wearer from the environment and the environment from the wearer; recognising this need and the need for chemical protection, Cleanroom Supplies stock only high quality Category III coveralls.

Measuring Up to the Highest Standards

The range we stock all meet and exceed the necessary standards, but beyond that we offer a range because we understand that the needs of, for example, a pharmaceutical cleanroom and the needs of manufacturing or construction will be very different. We know that it’s important to get the best garment for your specific requirements, so we carry a range to allow you to make the optimum selection.

There are four primary manufacturers of disposable coveralls whose products we carry at Cleanroom Supplies – market leaders TYVEK, BIOCLEAN, CHEMSPLASH, and OPTIMUM PROTECTION.

All of them meet industrial standards set for Category III (3) Type 5 & 6 and Type 4 garments – and also our own internal requirements.

However, there’s a notable difference between the brands, and that is price.

The Best Protection Without Overspending

Anyone who needs to maintain protection from contamination in their workplace and maintain strict standards will have heard a stock line from salesmen many times: “Can you really risk getting something less effective because you paid less?”

You certainly can’t risk ordering something less effective – but it doesn’t actually follow that the most expensive model available is the best. We make the product details of all of our coveralls freely available so that you can check them and make absolutely certain of what you need, and the OPTIMUM PROTECTION brand in particular is economical in comparison to other options.

OPTIMUM PROTECTION Type 4 CAT III coverall is in the same price range as the cheapest TYVEK, and yet this coverall also offers viral and blood protection, complying with EN14126 –  Barrier to Infective Agents.

What really offers you the best protection? That changes from cleanroom to cleanroom, and customer to customer, according to your needs. However, always ask yourself if there’s a worthy and more cost effective contender.