Cleanroom Customer Information

Cleanroom Supplies was founded and developed by our Managing Director to be the supply company he had wanted to deal with when helping to design, build, and run cleanrooms. The company is built on that deep understanding of the requirements of cleanrooms.

Our Products Are Curated by Experts

We strongly believe that any client ordering from Cleanroom Supplies deserves only top quality equipment and disposables, supplied to meet required specifications and at the right price.
Cleanrooms are busy places and disposables form a huge part of their budgets simply due to the rate at which they’re used.
We don’t offer any product we wouldn’t be comfortable using ourselves, and we make sure that all relevant technical information is available, so our customers can feel comfortable considering brands outside Tyvek and 3M; they know that when we carry a brand like Optimum Protection it’s because it carries our seal of approval, delivering the same or better performance for a lower price.

Conforming to Standards

We’re happy to talk directly with our customers ordering from cleanrooms to ensure that as well as ISO14644:2015 the products we send them will conform to any other standards required in their industry or field.
We provide and maintain laboratory reports and other data comparing product efficiency to make sure that any customer knows exactly what they’re ordering from us and can be satisfied that it will handle their requirements.

Cleanroom Industries We Support

We receive regular ongoing orders from cleanrooms working in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing Cleanrooms
  • Research Cleanrooms
  • Medical Cleanrooms
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

However, we work with cleanrooms set up for many different purposes and whatever your specialisation we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Why Cleanroom Supplies?

Because our company was formed to be the kind of supply company we felt the industry needed, we offer the speed of service, expert advice, and ease of ordering we know that cleanroom facilities want.