Lab Customer Information Page

Cleanroom Supplies has years of experience supplying laboratories working in a wide range of fields with our extensive range of ACDP and SACGM compliant products.

Helping You to Stretch your Budget Further

One of the guiding principles behind Cleanroom Supplies as a company is that our clients should be able to outfit their workspaces with top quality equipment and disposables without having to pay exorbitant prices.
Anyone working in a laboratory in the 21st century will be aware of the tight financial constraints that have become the norm.
While brands like Tyvek and 3M are among the best known and have developed a deserved reputation for high standards, but other brands like Optimum Protection can provide comparable or even better performance at a lower price point for disposable lab coats and other PPE.

Laboratory Specialities We Serve

We already receive ongoing orders from laboratories working in the following fields:

  • Containment Laboratories
  • Forensic Laboratories
  • DNA Analysis Laboratories
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Physics Laboratories

However, we’ve worked with laboratories pursuing other specialisations already and would be happy to discuss your needs if you don’t fall into one of these categories.

How We Can Help

We stock a wide range of equipment for working in, creating, and maintaining clean and sterile environments without contamination. Our downloadable brochure has a full list and out on-site listing provides technical specifications for each product.
In addition, we provide and maintain laboratory reports and other data comparing product efficiency to make sure that any customer knows exactly what they’re ordering from us and can be satisfied that it will handle their requirements.

Why Cleanroom Supplies?

As every laboratory manager will already know, stock management and replenishment of disposables and other equipment is a vital part of your role. Failing to compensate for a sudden run on disposables can cause significant difficulties; however, working with us we can ensure stocks are replenished fast, hopefully before that could cause any problems.