Quality Policy Statement

Cleanroom Supplies Ltd (CSL) core business activity is the supply of disposable protective clothing and contamination control products. CSL is fully committed to quality.  Our overriding philosophy is to put the customer first in every aspect of our organisation.  By constantly reviewing and updating our processes, we endeavour to offer services that meet high standards of quality and reliability and satisfy customer’s requirements and expectations.

We are determined not to allow apathy towards quality and service to pervade our organisation. We believe that the drive for total quality throughout the business is vital to future growth, development and success of the company.  
Our complete business focus on quality is based on the belief that we can only provide continuous satisfaction of our customer’s needs through effective operational systems implemented in a consistent manner reflecting the needs of both the customer and the business
The company's management is committed to:

Developing and improving the Quality System (QS).

Continually improving the effectiveness of the QS.

Enhancing customer satisfaction.

The management has a continuing commitment to:

Ensuring that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

Communicating throughout the organisation the importance of meeting customer needs and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Establishing the quality policy and its objectives.

Ensuring that Management Reviews set and review the quality objectives, and report on the results as a means of monitoring the effectiveness of the QS.

Ensuring the availability of resources.

The structure of the Quality Management System is defined in the company's Quality Manual.

In summary:

All personnel understand the requirements of the quality policy and abide by the requirements outlined in the Quality Manual. The Organisation complies with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

All sub-contractors adhere to the Organisation’s policies.

The Organisation constantly monitors its quality performance and implements improvements when appropriate.

This policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability for purpose.

Copies of the quality policy are made available to all members of staff.

Although not registered for ISO9001, our QS is based on this quality system. We are working towards registration and anticipate doing so within the next 6 months.

Michael Hill - Managing Director - January 2023