Microbe Removal Efficiency Report on Tacky Mats


Task: Determine the removal efficiency of environmental microbes from cart wheels using  Cleanroom Supplies multi layer disposable tacky mats

Test Method: A dirty area of concrete floor was selected for sampling. Two clean sanitized cart wheels were rolled along the floor side-by-side for a distance of 10 inches. One cart wheel was then rolled along the surface of an agar plate containing tryptic soy agar (TSA). This sample was designated Run #1 Dirty. The second wheel was rolled along the width (18”) of a Cleanroom Supplies peel-off sticky mat, then rolled along the surface of an agar plate. This sample was designated Run #1 Clean. The cart wheels were then cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol and reused for two additional test runs.

Agar plates were incubated at 30-35 degrees C for 48 hours and colony-forming units counted at 24 hour intervals. Microbial removal efficiency was calculated for each run by comparing clean and dirty counts










Conclusion: 98.6% of the viable microbes picked up by the plastic cart wheels were  removed by rolling the wheels across the width of the Cleanroom Supplies tacky mat

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