Cleanroom Supplies Came Together to Abseil for Charity

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Cleanroom Supplies Abseils for Charity

Group photo on the roof before charity abseil

Last month the intrepid team here at Cleanroom Supplies made our way to London to abseil in costume for charity – specifically, for Guys’ St Thomas’ charity, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

It was a fantastic event, one we all really enjoyed, and we would like to thank every customer and friend who donated in support of our charity.

It all took place on May the 12th and left us all enthusiastic, energised, and keen to do much more.

Our Founder’s Eyes

The Guy’s St Thomas’ charity, particularly Evelina London Children’s Hospital provides much need research, resources and equipment for vulnerable and poorly children. As our founder put it:

The event was an amazing opportunity not only to support a very worthwhile charity but at the same time to enjoy a fantastic (although scary) team day too.

Many of these services would not be available with NHS funding alone. We are proud to be strongly associated not only with Guy’s & St Thomas’ but the NHS as a whole. I am very proud of the team’s efforts and fund raising.

The whole day reflects our Core Values here at Cleanroom Supplies. We will continue to support selected charities in this way.

Going over the edge was the worst part, the abseil itself was great fun! Well recommended!

Hearing from the Team

Shaun Cullen, our Digital Media maven, added,

The event was great.

I would say the hardest part of the whole thing was going over the edge, but once you done that the abseil was really fun.

Jamie Telford, or Dispatch Manager, had his own perspective:

The charity event was extremely fun! Even though there was the odd spot of rain and we thought it was going to bucket it down, it didn’t make a difference to how the event went! Our company went to it in different costumes for this abseil and it was great to see other people in costumes as well! Definitely would do something like this again!

Business Development Manager John McKay – familiar to some of you, we’re sure! – summed things up well and never lost sight of the important part:

A fantastic experience, loved every minute. I would do it again. Great to know we raised some money for a great cause. Many thanks to all our sponsors.

Click here to see our video for the Guy’s St Thomas’ charity event

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