Cleanroom Face Mask – are you using the mask correctly?

ISO 9001

Cleanroom face masks and dust protection are essential for controlled environments such as cleanrooms.

Of course, in a cleanroom environment, a face mask may serve two purposes:

  • Protect the operator from the environment
  • Protect the product from the operator

It’s also essential that you are using the mask correctly. If you use a face mask incorrectly, you actually run the risk of increasing the quantity of airborne particles that are responsible for contaminating cleanrooms.

How To Wear Your Face Mask

So to avoid the risk of contamination, take a look at this simple four-step guide on how to properly wear a face mask.

  1. Always, always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before putting on a mask. Antibacterial soap reduces the risk of contamination. If you feel you need to remove the mask for any reason, it’s vital that you wash your hands before removing the mask, and then again before putting it on once more.
  1. For the proper fit, make sure it is covering your mouth and nose. It may be a little uncomfortable but it is for your personal safety and for that of the cleanroom.
  1. After your mask is placed over your nose and mouth, check the sides for openings that might allow air to escape.
  1. With the mask securely placed on your face, begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. When working in a cleanroom, and while working with dangerous materials, breathing in through your nose is important because your nose hairs will also help filter particles rather than you inhaling them directly into your lungs through your mouth. Exhaling through your mouth and into the face mask allows air to escape faster and release pressure.

When in a cleanroom or any other controlled environment, follow these steps to ensure your safety from harmful particles or fumes and to reduce the risk of contamination.

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