Keeping Keyboards Clean – with Hygienic Technology

One of the areas in cleanroom hygiene that is easily overlooked is that of cleanroom keyboards. It is very easy for dust and microbes to build up in the small crevices between keys over a period of time. Then there is a very real risk of transfer of dust and microbes to sensitive areas of the cleanroom. This can occur by attaching itself to gloves or hands, or by becoming dislodged by air movement, and so compromise the cleanroom facility and its materials.

This issue of microbial build-up in keyboards can however be prevented with some cool additions to the cleanroom setup. At Cleanroom Supplies, we recommend one of the three following solutions to help ensure a cleaner, more hygienic controlled environment. These solutions are also ideal for laboratory applications where splash resistance is advantageous.

The Silicone Keyboard
Both dirt-resistant and waterproof, our silicone membrane keyboards have molded coverings that offer a simple option to sealing crevices and maintaining keyboards. They are long-lasting, reliable and inexpensive – also, they can be thoroughly cleaned without any damage to the internal circuitry.

The Glass Keyboard
Our glass keyboards are highly durable, waterproof and completely dust trap-free. These are easy and quick to wipe down and, as such, are suitable for virtually all kinds of controlled environments.

The Laser Keyboard
Our smart solution to keyboard hygiene is no keyboard at all – but rather a dazzling laser projection. The projection device can fit in the palm of your hand and is Bluetooth-compatible with a range of operating systems. Meanwhile, the keyboard image is laser-projected directly onto the worktop, making it an incredibly simple case of wiping down a desktop surface in order to maintain the integrity of the cleanroom. A super-portable and versatile piece of high-tech gadgetry, the laser keyboard is a fantastic innovation.

New information, innovations and technologies are constantly occurring throughout the cleanroom industry, and at Cleanroom Supplies we continue to keep our finger on the pulse so that you can have the very finest in quality solutions for the needs of your cleanrooms.

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