Customised Stainless Steel Furniture and Bespoke Fittings


Here at Cleanroom Supplies, we understand what it is like when all the standard cleanroom furniture catalogues you are looking through are, well… too standard, and not quite what you are looking for. This exercise can be frustrating and time consuming. That is where our customised stainless steel design service comes in!

We also fully understand the importance of good design and quality manufacture when dealing with hygienic and controlled environments. That is why we offer a FREE bespoke design service – we will design and produce AutoCAD drawings (the industry standard up-to-date design software) targeting all of your requirements, for any customised stainless steel furniture and fixtures!

Benefits of our custom designed furniture:

  • All features may be chosen to suit your needs.
  • Your finished customised stainless steel furniture item will be completely manufactured to fit your requirements.
  • Products are not mass produced, or of poor quality.


  • At Cleanroom Supplies, we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service – WE work with YOU to produce the products you need.
  • Our managing director has been a leading expert in design and contamination control for many years – so we fully understand the importance of quality products within our service. That’s why none of our products are flimsy, cheap, or mass produced. Everything is bespoke and designed to your requirements and standards.
  • All of our furniture is designed with practicality in mind – we take into account the importance of construction standards and cleanability. 
  • We have respect for your needs and your budget – our 2D and 3D CAD service is a completely free process, with a personalised quote for manufacturing costs at the end.

We will work with you and design the furniture and fittings you want – and best of all this design service is FREE!  All our CAD drawings will be produced to your standards and requirements. When you are happy with the design we will manufacture and deliver the furniture or bespoke fabrication for you. Why not take a look at some examples of what we’ve produced?


Customised Settle Plate Petri Dish Stands

This customer required 10 bespoke petri dish stands built to custom requirements – however items such as this are rarely available to purchase online, and often not to the required dimensions.

Cleanroom Supplies produced the required CAD drawings for the manufacture of 10 customised stainless steel petri stands, completely to the customers’ requirements and standards and complete with a 3D visualisation of the finished product. We were also able to add and remove features of the stands to suit. As a result, the customer received the precise products they needed whilst remaining budget-friendly.



Customised Stainless Steel Racking

A recent customer required a 4-tiered customised stainless steel racking unit, complete with a unique rail system as opposed to solid shelving. The unit needed to be manufactured to bespoke dimensions and have adjustable stainless steel feet. Items such as these were not readily available for online purchase elsewhere – so Cleanroom Supplies designed a customised shelving unit to these precise requirements, complete with a 3D visualisation of the final product. Take a look at the final manufactured product below!



Bespoke Triple Compartment Multipurpose Dispenser

This triple compartment, multipurpose dispenser was designed for a client who required a stainless steel product dispenser for use in a Cleanroom. The customised stainless steel dispenser includes bespoke features such as the hinged lid, customised etching, keyhole fixings for wall-mounting and the bespoke dimensions for each compartment. Its multipurpose function also means that it can be used with a variety of products such as hair nets, overshoes and face masks. Take a look below!


Customised Stainless Steel Shrink Wrap Holder

Another recent item was designed for a client who required multiple wall mounted shrink wrap holders, for use in a Cleanroom. Products such as these, to the detail of the holder we designed below, are not easily available for purchase. Further still, many of these holders are not able to be wall mounted – a feature required by the customer.

That’s where we stepped in, and designed a customised stainless steel shrink wrap holder for the client which met all their needs – including the wall mounting feature and bespoke dimensions. Take a look at the finished shrink wrap holders below:


So, if you are looking for customised stainless steel, bespoke tables, benches, workstations, trolleys, pass through hatches, air showers, step over benches – or virtually anything – simply give us a call or drop us an email, and we will work with you.

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