See the Results of Our Anti-Slip Shoe Cover Tests




Three samples were tested on a flat, level surface. Each specimen was tested on three different floor coverings - vinyl, tiles and carpet. The shoe was weighted with a load of 17 Kilograms and the drag resistanc across the surface was determined, by measuring the maximum force required to move the load from a stationary position when pulled by a digital strain gauge.


  No Overshoe Anti-Slip Microporous Overshoe Anti-Slip PP Overshoe Anti-Slip PPE/CPE Overshoe
  Vinyl Carpet Tiles Vinyl Carpet Tiles Vinyl Carpet Tiles Vinyl Carpet Tiles
Static Load 5.7 13 9.2 12.7 15.4 13.6 10.2 15.3 10.8 13.1 15.7 12.6
Dynamic Load 4.9 9.4 7.6 9.9 11.9 10.2 8.5 12.8 8.4 8.9 14.6 11.1

As a means of comparison,the regular CPE overshoes were tested on a vinyl floor covering, and the results were as follows:

  Standard CPE
Static Load 5.2
Dynamic Load 4.7

As can be seen, the standard CPE results show less anti-slip properties than the shoe without a shoe cover on.




Based on the tests carried out on the samples of overshoe, the results of the Drag Resistance Test show that the PPE/CPE and the Microporous Overshoes are comparable on all flooring types, and that the PPE overshoe offers slightly less anti-slip properties than the other anti-slip overshoes.

As a means of comparison, the regular CPE overshoe was also tested, and the results of this show that they exhibit the least in the way of anti-slip properties, even compared to a standard shoe sole




The tests carried out show that all of the anti-slip overshoe samples have a higher drag resistance than a standard shoe sole. They also show that the regular CPE actually have less anti-slip properties than a standard shoe sole.

Although the purpose of thes overshoes is for hygiene, our Drag Resistance Test reveals that the Optimum® Anti-Slip shoe covers do offer good anti-slip properties and are considerably better than standard CPE overshoes.


Anti Slip Microporous Overshoe - Standard CPE Overshoe -
Anti-Slip PPE/CPE Overshoe - Anti-Slip PP Overshoe - Anti Slip Overshoe

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